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Request A Class

If you are interested in hosting a mental health first aid training for 10 to 30 people, please carefully review and complete the following form. Please be sure to review the curriculum that you are requesting as well as the MHFACO training cost page.

How the training request form works:

Once you submit the below “Request a Class” form, MHFACO will review your inquiry and reach out to Mental Health First Aid Coordinators and Instructors in your area to assign trainers. After trainers have accepted your training request, you will work directly with the assigned MHFA Coordinator and or Instructor to set up the training logistics. MHFACO will work with the point of contact who completed this form on billing and invoicing for the training.

What Mental Health First Aid module type are you interested in?         
Are you eligible for cost-covered training?   
What platform are you interested in for hosting the MHFA training?