Choose the MHFA course that's right for you.

Just like physical First Aid and CPR, which offer special trainings like Child & Infant CPR and Wilderness First Aid, Mental Health First Aid has tailored the curriculum to meet a few specific needs. These modules supplement the primary adult or youth curriculum, and don’t leave out any material from the regular class.  In choosing a Mental Health First Aid class, think about the people with whom you interact the most. Are they older adults, struggling with depression or dementia? Are they students in your high school class? Are they first responders, dealing with day-to-day crises in your community?

For most community members, the Adult MHFA class is the most appropriate. For parents and adults who interact with youth, Youth MHFA is the best option. For others, see our guide below.

First Responders

Law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and other first responders face unique challenges in their encounters with the public, many of whom may be in crisis. They may also be exposed to many traumatic events in the course of their work. This module focuses on strategies for first responders encountering someone with a mental health challenge or crisis, and extra self-care resources for those on the front lines.

Higher Education

College and graduate school can be intensely stressful, no doubt about it. For many, the school presents the challenge of living on one’s own for the first time, in addition to academic stress. This module is tailored to the needs of RAs, University staff, and students themselves.

Older Adults

Cognitive decline isn’t the only brain health challenge affecting older adults- depression and anxiety occur among seniors as well. If you serve or care for older adults, this module is for you!


Access to services in remote rural and frontier counties can be logistically challenging- not to mention the challenge of fighting stigma in a small town where everyone knows your business! This MHFA class matches the strengths of rural communities with their unique barriers to accessing care.

Spanish Adult

The Adult MHFA curriculum in Spanish (no extra content).

Spanish Youth

The Youth MHFA curriculum in Spanish (no extra content).


Honoring our active duty and veteran military service members includes making sure they have access to mental health services and support when they return home. Veteran MHFA is designed to equip military members and their families with the tools they need to recognize mental health challenges and access services in their communities.