What is MHFA-CO?


"Our goal is to increase literacy on mental health issues, reduce stigma, and give the public the tools to help those in need."

- Brian Turner, Deputy Director for Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council


What is Mental Health First Aid ?
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an evidence-based training program that empowers individuals to identify, understand, and respond to others who might experience a mental health or substance abuse crisis. Mental Health First Aid was created in Australia in 2001 by Betty Kitchener and Professor Tony Jorm. In 2008, MHFA started in the United States by the National Council for Behavioral Health. Mental Health First Aid promotes and enhances recovery by cultivating empathy, understanding, and the ability to prevent or intervene in the event of a mental health emergency. This work fosters positive community dialogue and saves lives. 
Who should attend a Mental Health First Aid training?

Mental Health First Aid training is for everyone, especially people who have a lot of contact with the general public. It's particularly helpful to police officers, primary care workers, teachers, faith communities, community leaders, human resource professionals, friends and family of people with mental illness or substance abuse disorder. 

What do you learn in the training?
  • Signs and symptoms of common mental health and substance abuse challenges and crises
  • Typical v. atypical youth development (Youth MHFA)
  • A five-step action plan for mental health emergencies
  • Myth-busting and fact-sharing about mental health
  • Non-judgmental communication and listening skills
  • Local, state and national behavioral health resources