A Statewide Partnership for Colorado’s Mental Health

Mental Health First Aid Colorado provides coordinated and strategic leadership, critical infrastructure, and the necessary implementation supports to facilitate the statewide growth of both adult and youth Mental Health First Aid. We are a coalition driven by community non-profit organizations across Colorado and various state agencies, with leadership from the Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council. The backbone of MHFA Colorado is a growing network of instructors that are trained to encourage public understanding and involvement through teaching the signs and symptoms associated with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Colorado has a unique and valuable approach to implementing MHFA that brings together consumer advocates, healthcare providers, state agencies, educators, criminal justice professionals, first responders and statewide associations to serve as a formal MHFA Colorado Advisory Committee.

Click here for a list of the current MHFA Colorado Advisory Committee partner organizations 

Evidence and Partners

Mental Heath First Aid has a strong evidence base and is included on the SAMHSA National Registry for Evidence-Based Programs and Practices. Extensive testing of the program has proven that those involved in our First Aid certification possess a greater confidence in assisting others, a greater likelihood of suggesting professional help to those in need, improved communication with health professionals about treatments and decreased stigmatic attitudes towards all mental health conditions. 

In participating with MHFA, you will grow your knowledge about mental health and substance abuse conditions and strengthen your community through increasing mental health awareness. You will also they gain a better understanding of how individuals connect with one another, regardless of their mental state. 

Mental Health First Aid is for everyone. We seek to educate and empower the people who make up the very fabric of a community. Working professionals, faith leaders, community leaders, concerned citizens, friends or family of people who have mental illness or addiction—all can benefit from this program. 

Local Program, Global Roots

Professor Anthony Jorm and health education nurse Betty Kitchener founded MHFA in 2001 in Melbourne, Australia. The program was brought to the United States in 2008 with collective efforts from the National Council for Behavioral Healthcare, the Maryland State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Today, local and regional efforts are forming across America to heighten community literacy and awareness surrounding all aspects of individual mental health. 

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